Fantasy Ltd

We are proud to welcome you to Fantasy Ltd the audio chat community built with you in mind.
Fantasy Ltd is a family oriented audio chat community where our members, their families, and friends from all over the world can interact on line.

On Fantasy Ltd you will experience high quality audio.
In addition to providing a high quality audio chat experience, Our software is the most accessible chat software in the world. No other chat software is even comparable when it comes to accessibility.
If meeting people and making new friends, chatting with old friends, or social networking in an audio format is what you desire, why not enjoy the comfort of our high quality audio. Whether you want to voice chat, play on line games or perform karaoke, our high quality audio will result in a better, higher quality chat room experience.

After logging on to our chat system first time users will need to visit the "First Time Users" link, and then download and install the chat client before they will be able to use our chat rooms.