Fantasy Ltd

Hello, my name is Kevin Pugh, and I would like to welcome you to the Fantasy Ltd web site. The purpose of this site is to help the singer and songwriter who is trying to get a career in country or gospel music started. You will find links here regarding some of the services which we provide, as weell as links for other information about country music and music publishing.
At Fantasy Ltd we provide valuable assistance to the songwriter and singer like, CD or song mastering, assistance with lyrics or melodies when needed )collaboration(, a song reviewing service to help the songwriter get the most out of their song, and we also provide a place for our customers, (songwriters and singers( to exhibit their talents by hosting pages where our visitors can hear short clips of their work.
Fantasy Ltd. and Wunder Sound Publishing (our subsidiary) are sound production, and music publishing companies specializing in both country music and gospel music. Our desire here is to introduce the public to new up and coming songwriters and artist in the country and gospel music fields. We hope to assist songwriters, singers, and musicians in getting a career in country music off of the ground and on the way to the stars by providing a venue through which the most important people in the music industry may hear samples of their work.
Fantasy Ltd also offers the use of our privately owned audio chat system where our visitors can perform their own material, or they can use sound tracks, or karaoke music while others listen. We will also be hosting small concerts from time to time with from 1 to 3 performers.
In addition, our guest will be able to visit with others in the chat rooms which are not designated for music or other specific purposes, giving songwriters, singers and musicians the opportunity to mingle with people of like interest.